Air- N. (sēo) lyft (g.s. -e, n.p. -a) (cf. Md. German "Luft(waffe)")

Bird- N. (se) bridd (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "bird"), (se) fugol (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "fowl")

Eagle- N. (se) earn (g.s. -es, n.p. -as)

Feather- N. (sēo) feþer (g.s. -e, n.p. -a) (cf. "feather"), see also "Wing"

(to) Fly- V. (II) flēogan (present: flēogeþ; 1st past: flēag; 2nd past: flugon; past participle: flogen) (cf. "(to) fly")

Flying- adj. flēogende

(to) Glide- V. (I) scrīþan (present: scrīþeþ; 1st past: scrāþ; 2nd past: scridon; past participle: scriden), (I) glīdan (present: glīdeþ; 1st past: glād; 2nd past: glidon; past participle: gliden) (cf. "(to) glide")

Hawk- N. (se) hafoc (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "hawk")

Raven- N. (se) hrefne (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "raven")

Sparrow- N. (se) sparƿa (g.s. -an, n.p. -an) (cf. "sparrow")

Swallow- N. (sēo) sƿealƿe (g.s. -an, n.p. -an) (cf. "swallow")

Wing- N. (þæt) fiþere (g.s. fiþres, n.p. fiþras)

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