Blue- adj. Hǣƿen

Brown- adj. Brūn (cf. “Brown”)

Colour- N. (þæt) Bleoh (also spelt blēo) (cf. “Blue”)

Gold- N. (þæt) Gold (cf. “Gold”), adj. Gylden, gold (cf. “Golden”, "Gold")

Green- adj. Grēne (cf. “Green)

Orange- adj. Geolurēad (cf. “Yellow-red)

Purple- N. (sēo) Basu, adj. Bas

Red- adj. Rēad (cf. “Red”)

Silver- N. (þæt) Seolfor (also spelt siolufr, silofr, sylfor) (cf. “Silver”), adj. Seolfren, seolfor (cf. arch. MdE. “Silvern”, "Silver")

White- adj. Hƿīt (cf. “White”)

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