Animal- N. (þæt) dēor (g.s. -es, n.p. -) (cf. "deer)

Bear- N. (se) bera (g.s. -an, n.p. -as) (cf. "bear")

Bird- N. (se) bridd (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "bird"), (se) fugol) (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "fowl"), see also birds and flying creatures

Boar- N. (se) bār (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "boar")

Cat- N. (se) cat (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (from Lat.) (cf. "cat")

Creature- N. (þæt) ƿiht (g.s. -es, n.p. -) (cf. "(The Isle of) Wight")

Dog- N. (se) hund (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "hound")

Dragon- N. (se) ƿyrm (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "worm)

Fish- N. (se) fisc (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "fish"), see also fish and water creatures

Fox- N. (se) fox (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "fox") (see also "Vixen")

Human- N. (se) mann (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "man"), see also Humans, Professions

Lizard- N. (sēo) āþexe (g.s. -an, n.p. -an) (cf. Modern German "Eidesche")

Mouse- N. (sēo) mūs (g.s. mȳs, n.p mȳs) (cf. "mouse")

Rabbit- N. (se) holling (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (new word) (cf. "holeling")

Serpent- see "Snake"

Snake- N. (sēo) nǣdre (g.s. -an, n.p. -an), (se) snaca (g.s. -an, n.p. -an) (cf. "snake")

Vixen- N. (sēo) fixen (g.s. -e, n.p. -a) (cf. "vixen) (see also "fox")

Wolf- N. (se) ƿulf (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "wolf")

Worm- N. (se) ƿyrm (g.s. -es, n.p. -as) (cf. "worm")

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