• cuttlefish- n. (sēo) cudele (gs. -e, np. -a), (se) ƿāse-sċyte (gs. -es, np. -as)
  • eel- n. (se) ǣl (gs. -es, np. -as)
  • fish- n. (se) fisċ (gs. -es, np. -as) (cf. "fish")
  • octopus- (se) blæċ-fisċ nw. (gs. -es, np. -as)
  • salmon- n. (se) lēax (gs. -es, np. -as) (cf. Md. German "Lachs")
  • seal- n. (se) seolh (gs. sēoles, np. sēolas)
  • shark- n. (se) sǣ-hund (gs. -es, np. -as), (se) hund (gs. -es, np. -as)
  • sturgeon- n. (se) stȳria (gs. -an, np. -an) (cf. "stir...")
  • trout- n. (se) sċēota (gs. -an, np. -an) (cf. "shoat"(?)), (sēo) forn (gs. -e, np. -a)
  • walrus- n. (se) hors-hƿæl (gs. -es, np. -hƿalas)
  • whale- n. (se) hƿæl (gs. -es, np. -as) (cf. "whale")

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